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I had no idea what to say. Looking at Cassidy, her blue eyes blazed now with something I couldn't quite place. Determination? Desire? If I hadn't been drinking earlier, if I hadn't been so turned on by seeing her naked before, if I hadn't found myself admiring her body so many times, I might have said no. But of course, if I had said no, I wouldn't be telling you this story."What are you doing?" Anne asked, surprised."But you do masturbate then?" Kelly asked, staring at him."Umm...yeah. He's cute, really in shape."
Kent looked thoughtfully at me for a moment, and shook his head. "Not with you, it doesn't."Read More »"Not at all?" John asked.I cried out when she reached my ass and gave it a hard squeeze. She had lifted the back of my skirt up, and I heard several whistles behind me and a guy calling out, "Nice thong!"